recipe revisited: rice pudding

I never was much of a sweets girl, until I moved to Paris.  During my year back in the states, I’ve slowly reverted back to my preference for the savory over the sweet – with a few exceptional cravings.  Dark chocolate, mascapone/cream cheese frosted cakes (see carrot, red velvet…), gelato and pudding can still get me every time.  And when it comes to pudding , rice pudding and I have had a long, loyal love affair.

But if my fondness for riz au lait was only intensified by my Parisian meals at the likes of chez l’Ami Jean it did not reach it’s pinnacle until I tasted black rice pudding as a random dessert special at the little-known Bao Noodles (one of my family’s favorite no-reservation-required NYC restos).  Savory and sweet, this was a dessert that could easily double for breakfast (which is exactly my kind of dessert).  And when I finally came around to inventing my own healthy(er) recipe, you betcha that this warm dessert graced my breakfast table cold (and shockingly, was more delicious as a leftover).

Black rice pudding(dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar-free)


1 cup black rice
(rinsed and soaked overnight)
4 cups liquid
(I usually do a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of non-dairy milk and water.  1:1 if sweetened, 2:1 if unsweetened.  Coconut milk works really nicely.)
3 dates, chopped into small pieces
(Dates are a healthy(er) substitute to refined sugar)
A splash of vanilla extract

1. Start by boiling your liquid.  I’d start 3.75 cups.  (You can add more water later)

2. While the liquid is boiling, re-rinse your soaked rice.  When liquid is near-boiling, grab a new pot.  Put the rice in this pot over a low flame, and add about half of your liquid.

3. As time goes on add the rest of the liquid gradually, and test for texture (should be a bit chewy, but not mushy, when done).

4. About 30-40 minutes into cooking, add a splash of vanilla extract and your chopped dates.

 Total cook time – about 45 minutes to an hour.

Traditional black rice pudding recipe
Health benefits of black rice

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