catch of the day : nectar & pulse

It’s the eternal travel quandary: to guidebook or not to guidebook?

You’ve tried it all, from the pocket-sized to ripping-out-pages to the iPod version.  But what if your travel guide were a hip, insightful, aesthetically engaging “soulmate”, eager and willing to show you around the city?  Now that would be novel.

Luckily, Nectar & Pulse is already on it.

I came across N&P’s founding duo of travelistas – Carina & Tanja – via  Their innovative approach to not only the content, but also the structure, layout, and design of a travel experience, is truly revolutionary and refreshing – especially considering the over-saturated, cluttered status quo of travel journalism.  Rather than relying on faceless Yelp! posts or TripAdvisor forums, you can pick your perfect “soulmate” to lead you around the city.  And if you find yourself chatting with this real (but imaginary to you) friend while strolling around your city of choice…well, we’ll keep that fantasy of yours a secret.

Nectar & Pulse “cities” and “soulmates“, available now for Stockholm, London & Vienna.


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