catch of the day: rosaberry

It’s quite the modern dilemma. The food media has declared 2012 the year of the dinner party, and while you’re a gung-ho host(ess), you haven’t the slightest cooking skills.

“Just call me chef” (and Rosaberry’s Jenna in blue)

Then again, you’re a multi-tasker, a modern juggler of motivation and goals. So what do you do? Host an in-home cooking class/dinner party for you and your nearest and dearest. That’s where Rosaberry comes in.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rosaberry founder, Jenna Helwig, at just such a double-duty dinner in the Meredith Corp test kitchen. Our motley crew’s skills ranged from “totally intimidated by cooking” to “considering going to culinary school” – but Jenna beautifully catered to all levels of interest and expertise.

Northern Spy-inspired kale, butternut squash, toasted pepitas & feta salad

The menu was Spanish-influenced…

  • Almond-stuffed dates
  • Green gazpacho
  • Northern Spy Food Co-inspired kale salad
  • Shrimp paella
  • Smoky chicken & baby potatoes
  • Spiced vegan chocolate pudding

…and remarkably delicious. More importantly, it was easy to replicate. No foam or fancy knife skills necessary, just contemporary home cooking at it’s finest.

Jenna and our kitchen crew, posing for Parents Magazine.

That, for me, is the mark of a top-notch personal chef or recipe developer (Jenna, in fact, wears both hats) : the ability to transform current food trends into simple – but admirable – meals. Moreover, Jenna proved quite the personable chef. Supervising five chatty and debatably focused students, she neither raised her voice nor let us burn the rice.

The best part of such a meal? The communal sense of accomplishment. Beyond the joy of sharing a meal, Rosaberry reveals the pleasure of preparing food together. Don’t be surprised if it’s your best dinner party to date.


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