Check out my latest project with Zokos, a “kickstarter for dinner parties.” I’ll be lending all my home-cooked experience – from supper clubs to sting rays – to help answer all your culinary questions.

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For our newest Entertaining Exchange, we’re delighted to introduce you to Carly DeFilippo.  Carly, proprietor of this fine blog and a supper club of her own, has offered to answer questions from the Zokos community on how to throw a stellar dinner party.  So if you’re wondering how much wine to buy, or how many hours to roast your turkey, just ASK CARLY by posting your questions on our Facebook Page.

Zokos: Think back to the most recent dinner party that you hosted or attended. What was the best part of it?

Carly: I recently launched a monthly supper club, which I host in my new Park Slope apartment. It’s been amazing to open my home to old (and new!) friends, and – most importantly – to have the opportunity to introduce such a varied group of interesting, curious and generous individuals.

Regarding the food itself, preparing a…

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  1. Hi Carly – i love your blog!! although i’ve never attended one of your supper clubs, the pictures look so fun! I love hosting dinner parties at my apt. it’s fun but sometimes a lot of work cooking and buying EVERYTHING. sometimes guests offer to bring stuff, sometimes not….do you know of a friendly way to suggest that if they bring something, it will be really helpful to the host?

    • Hi Nummylist! I think the best way to handle what people should bring is clear communication. I ask all my guests to pay $30 to cover cocktails, wine and dinner, which does genuinely cover the costs (not labor costs, but all purchases). From there people often bring additional bottles of wine as a thank you, but not always. If there is anything I know I need – from help buying/carrying groceries to a sous chef – I ask a friend to help (well in advance). I find most people are more than willing to pitch in. In fact, they’re usually excited to be a part of the process, but are just too intimidated to host their own dinner party. Hope this helps!

  2. ooh interesting…thanks for the recommendation! I think also probably just speaking up will be the first step. thanks again! 🙂

  3. No worries! Another option is to use Zokos to help you organize the party. Guests can add menu items to the party page so that you know who’s bringing what.

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